With Google in its Corner, NFC is Here to Stay

London’s public transport system has embraced NFC for cashless transactions
If you’re still not sure about NFC’s potential as a powerful technological tool, perhaps this will convince you: Google has recently joined the board of directors at the NFC forum, a non-profit industry association which seeks to advance the global use of NFC technology. Yes, that’s right, that same internet search giant, which also happens to be a powerhouse of the Android operating systems that is using NFC technology.

Apple may still not have got on board with NFC, but there’s no arguing that more and more Android mobile devices are being sold now, and almost all the new devices are NFC enabled. It’s a good idea then, for brands to start using this technology as part of their marketing strategies, but of course, non-marketing uses of NFC are also possible.

  1. One of the more obvious and common uses of NFC is to make cashless transactions. London’s public transport system is already using this effectively.
  2. Companies could use NFC-enabled identity cards to track employee attendance and maintain time sheets. NFC-enabled product labels could be used for inventory control.
  3. One could also use NFC chips to automatically go through daily tasks or chores. For instance, an NFC tag at work could help you pull up the day’s workplan, or an NFC chip in your nightstand or desk could automatically turn your mobile alarm on and off.

 NFC for Google