Innovative & Inspiring Use of NFC Stickers

How NFC Stickers used by UNICEF Hong Kong helped generate more volunteers and increased funds

At the recent Cannes Lions festival, one particularly creative award-winning campaign caught our eye. UNICEF Hong Kong’s use of NFC stickers to recruit more volunteers was imaginative and proves what we have been saying about NFC technology: when used well, it can be a powerful tool for any commercial or non-commercial purpose.

One of the biggest questions that face any charitable organization is – how to get more volunteers? While people are always willing to donate money to causes they believe in, in an increasingly busy world, it is difficult to convince people to donate their time and effort, instead of just money. UNICEF Hong Kong was facing this exact problem. Since 1945, every Saturday is celebrated in Hong Kong as Flag Day. On this day, volunteers sell stickers to help raise funds for charity. UNICEF, among other organizations, had always felt that with only a limited number of volunteers who work within a limited period, it is difficult to raise enough funds.

That is when Cheil Hong Kong came up with an innovative solution – the NFC Charity Stickers. They combined traditional stickers with NFC technology. Volunteers who wore the 

NFC stickers could ask their friends to donate by simply tapping their phones to the sticker. They would then be led to a page where they could make a donation. The idea was to convert every donator into a volunteer, as the work would involve nothing more than wearing the sticker, and asking people to donate by tapping their phones against. This also helps, because donations could now be made outside the time-frame of Flag Day.

The campaign worked very well for UNICEF Hong Kong, resulting in a 30-fold increase in the number of volunteers. On an average, the NFC stickers  – created by Aigens Technology – which were worn by the volunteers raised an additional 6 donations each.  Cheil Hong Hong reports that another major charity also signed up for the NFC stickers, with other charities also seriously considering the idea.

That this is a truly innovative and creative use of NFC is in no doubt: the campaign even won a bronze at the Cannes Lions festival in the Activation by Location or Proximity category in Mobile Marketing.

You can watch a video of the NFC Charity Sticker campaign here.