‘non-marketing’ is the key to mobile marketing

Let’s face it: nobody likes receiving marketing messages all the time. Most people hate it when they receive mobile marketing messages late at night or when they are checking in somewhere or catching up with the news on Twitter. However, the fact remains that all these, and more, are considered fair ground by marketers, who think nothing of constantly trying to peddle their products and services to reluctant consumers. This leads to a toxic marketing environment, one where marketers are bombarding consumers with messages about products the latter simply don’t want to buy.
So what is the way out of this situation? How can marketers make sure that their messages are heard and that consumers are happy? The best thing to do would be to stop sending out marketing messages in an obvious way, and instead focus on building brand-consumer engagement.

Marketers need to understand that consumers are increasingly looking for authenticity in the brands that they associate themselves with. The large chunk of consumers today belong to the Millennial Generation, and as we pointed out in a previous post, this is not a generation that looks kindly upon marketing messages. In fact, this is a generation that resents being told what to buy and instead, relies on its own powers of discovery and communication to find products and services to consume.

In other words, what marketers need to focus on, ironically, is not marketing, but relationship building. This article has a great example of how Oreo did it; there’s no reason why other brands can’t have a similar approach.