NYC bars use iBeacons to gamify the pub crawl experience

If you are in New York City on 20th May 2014, carrying an iPhone, and fancy hopping into some local bar, then getting involved in the “Beacon crawl” should be there in your cards.
 “Beacon Crawl” is an interactive bar crawl event which is supported by certainly selected venues in lower New York. The “Beacon crawl” campaign intends to gamify the entire bar crawling experience by giving the visitors an innovative way to explore the pub making it a rich pub hoping experience never felt before.

Sponsor venues will install iBeacons at various locations along the way, guiding crawlers with on-screen instructions. The iBeacons will also shoot special drink offers, perks, venue information and challenges to the participants as they move around the pubs. “Beacon crawl” has the added attraction of engaging the participants with award points for completing certain tasks – such as ordering food, having the second drink or sharing content via social media.

“Pub crawls and pop-up parties are popular all over the world,” says Bill Aurnhammer, CEO, and founder of event organizer Aurnhammer. “Using beacons, we’ve turned the traditional crawl into a scavenger hunt by combining the two ideas.”

This unique combination has enticed new participants to crawl into the club just to experience the gamification model set up at these selected venues, driving more visitors and letting the word out.