Personalized Product & Consumer Experiences

Personalized Product & Consumer Experiences are poised to be one of the key aspects of business in the digital era for consumers. From being suggested products while shopping to selecting a TV show to watch, user experiences are increasingly working towards understanding preferences of individual consumers and personalizing how the product is delivered to them rather than a one-size-fits all approach and mass marketing. At the core of personalized product experiences lies products data, user data and the ability to analyse it, understand the consumer and deliver a more personal product experience.

With your products on the QLIKTAG Platform, you can build applications that can tell a consumer which pair of shoes would go with their sunglasses, what items are missing in their kitchen which they need to pick up on the way home or advise them on their diet intake based on their individual lifestyle, body and health conditions. Deliver more personalised product experiences, know your customers better and let your products do the selling.