Data Model Designer

The Qliktag Platform features a fully integrated Data Model Designer with an easy to use drag & drop user interface to design custom Data Models for your ‘things’. With a library of standard and commonly used data types, in-built validation, custom type references & version control, the Data Model Designer offers ease of use, flexibility and ability to create simple or even the most structured data models for your things.  

Qliktag IoT Platform - Data Model Designer
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Qliktag IoT Platform - Entity Creator
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Entity Creator

The Entity Creator allows you to define the “things” you wish to manage within your system. Whether that entity is a Batch, a Serial Item, a Company Location or a Product SKU, the Entity Creator allows the flexibility of defining these, configuring primary & secondary key fields, associating Entities with their own Data Model, setting associations between various Entities and version control.

Custom API Designer

The Custom API Designer provides a visual flow based drag & drop interface to define custom APIs and flows into and out of the system. Whether you require to create a subset of the data to be sent to an external application, format data in a specific sequence to create interactions or map data to meet some structured format, the Custom API Designer enables you to generate your own Custom APIs with ease.

Qliktag IoT - Custom API Designer
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Qliktag IoT Platform - Digital Interaction Editor
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Digital Interaction Editor

The Digital Interaction Editor provides a visual template layout editor and a series of configurable drag & drop controls to design a visual interaction layout that can be applied instantly to instances of your “things” in seconds. From interactive multi-lingual digital labels, consumer transparency driven SmartLabels to product authentication interactions, they can all be designed & deployed using the Digital Interaction Editor. 

Data Channel Mapper

To enhance integration ease with other internal and external business systems, the Qliktag Platform’s Data Channel Mapper simplifies mapping of attributes within external systems to the internal data model. The Data Channel Mapper allows you to configure import requirements, export requirements or manage flow between the Qliktag Platform and other systems with ease and simplicity.

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Qliktag IoT Platform - List & Library Manager
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List & Library Manager

Predefined lists and libraries referenced within your data models ensure better data quality by eliminating the risk of error while inputing or receiving data. The List & Library manager allow you to create, manage and update lists and libraries of country codes, measurement units, product category types, nutrition codes and other reference values within your data model through the UI or via spreadsheet imports. 

Dashboard Configurator

The Dashboard Configurator allows you to derive your own custom insights from your data, creating dashboard widgets and selecting the insights and analytics widgets you wish to see on your Dashboard when you log into your system.

Qliktag IoT Platform - Dashboard & Analytics
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Imports & Exports Console

The Imports & Exports Console allows you to configure & even schedule imports of Things into the system and exports from the system in JSON or CSV formats. 

Access & Permissions Cockpit

The Access & Permissions Cockpit allows you to configure access & permissions for your things down to a granular level. By defining which users have access to which things and how much access they’re granted, the Qliktag Platform offers users within the system complete control over their things and data.

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IoT Things Search Engine - Qliktag Platform
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Things Search Engine

The Things Search Engine within the Qliktag Platform offers robust search capabilities on instances of things within the system based on filters or even structuring more complex queries in advanced mode. Powered by Elastic Search technology, the Things Search Engine can support simple to complex search requirements across millions of instances. 

Things Editor

The Things Editor provides a simple, friendly form user interface for adding, viewing, editing, saving and updating your Things data via the Qliktag Platform UI. The forms within the Things Editor are dynamically generated based on your Data Model design and is a convenient way to manually add a few Things or make minor updates via the UI.

Qliktag IoT Platform - Things Editor
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Qliktag IoT Platform - Account & User Management
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Account & User Manager

The Account & User Manager allows the system administrator or controller to create accounts within the system, create users within Accounts and also configure roles and permissions within the system which can then be assigned to users. A single place to manage all Accounts, Users and their Roles and Permissions.

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