5 Practical Ways in Which Consumer Brands Can Use NFC Stickers

NFC stickers can be used for a number of purposes in retail, as well as in homes and offices. Here are 5 very practical ways in which consumer brands can use NFC stickers

While mobile marketing is still a relatively new sector, the use of NFC technology for this purpose is perhaps even rarer.While more and more smart phones and tablet PCs are coming equipped with NFC capabilities, and even consumer adoption is on the rise, marketers are still wary of this new technology. However, using NFC technology for mobile marketing purposes is actually a great way to build brand recognition and engagement. One of the simplest ways of doing this is to use NFC stickers. Read on for 5 practical uses of NFC stickers for different products.

1) Food Products: Not everyone knows what to do with Sriracha or amaranth. Why not use NFC stickers on the product packaging to explain to customers exactly how they can use different food products.  Information such as unusual or exotic recipes and nutrition value is valuable to consumers and is a good way for food product brands to engage with their customers.

2) Beauty Products: The success of beauty video blogs is proof enough that consumers of beauty products love it when they are given access to information on how they can use the products. Beauty product brands can thus use NFC stickers to share similar information – videos or images – with their customers in order to engage with them better.

3) Apparels: Apparel brands can use NFC stickers to inform customers about the care and use of the products. They can also be used to share information about how to wear the products and accessorize them, and to generate recommendations for other products that the customer may like.

4) Wines:  NFC stickers on wines can give consumers access to information such as ideal food pairings and storage instructions. They can also be used to offer recommendations to customers based on the wines that they purchase. This is also a good way for wineries to draw attention to other newer or less popular wines which might be enjoyed by consumers.

5) Electronic Goods: A lot of people have trouble setting up electronic products on their own. One solution is the use of NFC stickers on the products which can direct users to videos where they are shown how they can set up the products themselves.These NFC stickers could also be used to share care and safety instructions and could enable customers to sign up for warranties instantly.