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Product Tracking & Traceability Solutions have not only disrupted logistics, supply chain management and distribution, it’s also emerging as the answer to issues around product traceability, food traceability, waste reduction, spoilage prevention, safety and consumer transparency.

With the Qliktag Platform, you can build innovative IoT based track & traceability applications to keep a track on your raw materials, ingredients, supply chain, shipments, manufacturing batches, product SKUs right down to product instances where serialisation level visibility is required. You can enable virtual digital passports for every instance of your product, log business activities performed on products, their location and movements throughout the product lifecycle from sourcing, manufacturing and right to the consumer.

Case Study

A leading household cookware brand approached Qliktag with a request to demo a very basic B2B product tracking application for the supply chain & a consumer side traceability digital interaction that could be used to view a trace log of the products journey to the consumer.

Entities were created for Batch, Product SKU, Serial Item and Trace Log. Data models were then linked to these entities and associations/dependencies created between the entities to match the business process. Data for some test products were added and an iOS mobile app was then developed which would allow a hypothetical company such as a manufacturing unit, transporter, warehouse, distributor, importer, exporter or retailer within the organization’s supply chain to scan a data matrix code on the product batch. Based on the GS1 EPCIS standard for visibility event data, the app would then automatically log the company name, the business event / activity, disposition, date, time and geolocation writing this information against the Tracelog entity instance for that batch or serial item in case a batch has been opened and a serial item within the batch was scanned. 

A digital interaction was designed using the Qliktag Interaction Editor which can be activated by consumers by tapping an NFC sticker on the packaging or scanning a QR code bringing up a chronological listing of events and locations for that item along with a map representation of the products journey and events leading upto them.

Qliktag IoT - Item Tracking & Traceability Solution
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Platform tools used in creating the solution include:

Case Study - Tracking & Traceability

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