Qliktag Featured in Mobile Retailer.

Internet Retailer featured Qliktag , as an unique software solution to make mobile landing pages interactive for retailers. Qliktag Technology Inc can devise an App exclusive for any brand retailer outlet  where retailers outlet can drag and drop tools to design custom promotions for any products in their catalogs. When a customer scans a QR code or walks within range of in-store wireless transmitters, the custom promotion pops up on his/her mobile browser.
Internet Retailer describes Qliktag as the savior of fading QR code technology by allowing retailers to create custom mobile-optimized promotions for individual products that customers access by either scanning a QR code or moving into range of an in-store wireless device, such as a beacon. Retailers can upload bulk batches of products or SKUs at one time. The merchant can then organize the products into groups, such as by brand, and design a template for the mobile promotion that will apply to each item in the group. The template can include special promotions, coupons, questionnaires or contest. It can also include product information and images that load according to which specific item a customer scans.

Qliktag has the ability to generate thousands of QR codes and unique promotions on the individual-product level so the customer gets a different experience for each item, rather than just a single brand-level promotion, which is how QR codes have been traditionally used.

To read more about what Mobile Retailer has to say about Qliktag,

Visit: Internetretailer.com/Qliktag


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