QR Code Marketing for Action Sports Brands

Action sports brand are in a great position to leverage the power of QR code marketing: not only can QR code-enabled hang tags and labels be used to convey basic instructions and safety guidelines, they can also be used to share messages about the lifestyle associated with action sports. A surfer is bound to be interested not just in surfing, but in the whole lifestyle that is associated with it. Action sports enthusiasts are thus usually committed consumers of products that feed their passion, and brands can ensure that they cater to this passion.  In fact, with the right kind of support, QR code labels and hang tags can also be used by brands to gather consumer insights and use the data to tailor their customer engagement strategies.
Here are the top three ways in which QR codes can be used to market action sports brands and help these brands connect with their customers better.

1) Basic instructions: Why have instructions in simple text when you can use a video to illustrate your point? QR codes can help brands share basic information regarding usage and safety with their customers with detailed audio or video instructions. For example, instead of simply writing how a particular biking helmet is to be worn, brands can use QR codes to link consumers to videos that will show them exactly how it is to be done.

2) Social Campaigns: Brands can now use QR codes to link consumers to their social pages where they can be encouraged to share pictures, stories and videos. Action sports is linked to consumer lifestyles and ardent fans will be only too happy to share their experiences. Brands can, in fact, sweeten the deal by offering discounts, special previews, and tickets to sporting events to their most socially active consumers. So if a customer purchases a surf board, she or he could be encouraged to share personal surfing videos, and connect on the brand’s page with other surfing enthusiasts. The most active surfers could also be offered discounts by the brand on new surfboards or boardwear.

3) Product discovery: Another great use of QR codes for action sports brands is in product or brand discovery. Brands could use these 2D code tags and labels to introduce consumers to other products they might be interested in. For instance, if a customer buys a skateboard, he or she  is also likely to be interested in protective helmets and elbow and knee pads. So when the consumer scans a QR code label attached to the skateboard, information about related products could be provided.



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