QR Code Pajamas that Tell Stories and Sing Lullabies

Would you use QR codes to sing your child to sleep or read her a story? Perhaps you hadn’t really thought about it, but a dad in Idaho Falls has. In fact, he has done more than think about it and has invented QR code pajamas for kids. Officially being marketed as ‘Smart PJs‘ (patent pending), these cotton garments come printed with groups of polka dots in different colors. Each group of dots actually functions as a QR code which, when scanned with a smartphone or tablet with the Smart PJs app, will play a lullaby, read a bedtime story or provide the child with interesting facts. The app is supported by both iOS and Android.
So, is there really a market for such a device? Juan Murdoch, the inventor of the pajamas, is convinced there is. A realtor by profession, Murdoch thought up the QR code-enabled pajamas so that he and his wife would find it a little easier to provide their six kids with lullabies and bedtime stories. He is sure that other children could benefit the same way as his own have, as could other busy parents.

It certainly seems like an interesting and useful idea: harried parents, with little energy for bedtime rituals, might appreciate the Smart PJs, not to mention kids who will definitely enjoy scanning different codes to get different stories and lullabies. However, there are some who have already raised concerns about whether this could just be another way to avoid ‘parenting’ at bedtime. Could it prove to be a new excuse for ‘lazy parenting’ or is it just another tool that helps makes parents’ lives just a little bit easier.

You can watch the video for Smart PJs below and let us know what you think in the comments section.