QR Codes for Kashrut Certification of Restaurants in Tel Aviv

There are various ways in which restaurants can use QR codes to share information with their customers. They can be used to inform customers about the origins of the food they order, or give details about every single ingredient used. QR codes can also be used to share reviews, ratings and articles about the restaurant and its food, as well as any certification obtained.
It’s a move of this last type that Tel Aviv restaurants are making. The Chief Rabbinate of Tel Aviv is issuing Kashrut certificates with QR codes to restaurants all over the city.By scanning these codes, customers will be able to see what level of Kosher observance the establishment follows. The scan will reveal details such as the restaurant’s name and address, the date on which the Kashrut certificate was issued and when it is set to expire. Additionally, customers will be able to see if the restaurant follows regular Kosher or the stricter version, Mehadrin. They will also be able to access the phone number of the restaurant’s Kashrut supervisor.

Clearly, more companies, as well as governments, religious organizations and administrative bodies, are recognizing the value that QR codes can add to people’s lives. Not only are they cheap to produce, QR  codes are also effective when it comes to disseminating lots of information in a variety of forms. Obviously, there are some bad uses of QR codes, but we have also seen enough good ones to know that these 2D codes can continue to add value to the marketing strategy of many brands. The most important thing to remember is to give information to people they can actually use.



QR codes for Kashrut Certification