Twentieth Century Fox Releases QR Codes on Ultraviolet Discs

Each time we read an article about how frequently QR codes are misused in various marketing campaigns, we run across news that makes us believe in the future of these black and white codes. Entertainment giant Twentieth Century Fox has repeatedly used QR codes in its marketing efforts. Some, such as this Christmas promotion that allowed users to buy DVDs by scanning codes on posters, were well-thought out and useful. Others, such as this campaign to sell tickets to the movie Ice Age: Continental Drift, were effective, but not exactly innovative.
The entertainment company continues its workman-like approach to QR codes with its latest effort. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is going to include QR codes in with all its Ultraviolet-enabled discs. Once scanned, the codes will automatically enter the unique Ultraviolet redemption code that comes on each disc (users would otherwise have to manually type in the 16 digit code). The redeemed titles will then appear on the official Ultraviolet channel for the users.

This is a good, practical approach to using QR codes, one that doesn’t fall prey to that simplest of mistakes: merely directing users to the company home page, where no useful action occurs. Here, very clearly, a tedious task is automatically completed on behalf of the consumers. However, it would be good to see some brilliant use of QR codes by Twentieth Century Fox , such as what we have seen from Sport Klahsen, a German sports brand retailer. Admittedly, the Twentieth Century Fox does not need as much publicity; still, considering that it works in the entertainment industry , one would have liked to see something more ‘creative’ that lets consumers engage more directly with the brand itself.

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QR Codes on Ultraviolet discs