QR codes take Angry Birds Star Wars to the Next Level

The Angry Birds Star Wars 2 character figures have QR codes which can be read using ‘telepods’ to transfer the characters to the latest avatar of the popular game.

At the recent Comic-Con held in San Diego, Rovio revealed that it would be using QR codes on its Angry Birds Star Wars 2 figures to help players link from the real world to the digital world.  The Finnish gaming company, which developed the hugely popular Angry Birds franchise, is preparing to compete with a similar concept launched by Skylanders some time ago. Like Skylanders, the Angry Birds Star Wars 2 figures will need to be placed on a physical ‘telepod’ which will give users access to the characters in the game, thanks to a QR code hidden at the bottom of the figure.

This use of QR codes is brilliant, for the simple reason that it provides a stream-lined and uninterrupted transition from figure to game for users. By purchasing new figures, players will be able to unlock more of the 32 Angry Birds Star Wars figures.  Among the new characters unveiled, are Anakin Skywalker, Mace Windu, General Grievous, Darth Maul and Jar Jar Binks.

Transferring the characters from the figures to the game is a simple process, as the Telepod is actually an elaborate magnifying glass that can be placed over the camera of the device. This is then able to read the tiny QR code and process the transfer. The communication between the figure and the game, unfortunately, moves only in one direction. So this means that while new characters can be transferred to devices and registered using an online profile, any progress in the game made using those same characters, cannot be sent to the figures.