Gloucestershire Residents to use QR Codes to Report Anti-Social Behavior

We’ve written before about QR codes being used by governments to execute their duties more effectively and to maintain law and order. The county of Gloucestershire will now see this technology being used to combat Anti-Social behavior. The QR codes are a part of Project Solace, a partnership between Gloucester City Homes, the police and the Gloucester City Council’s Community Safety Partnership. Once scanned by citizens, the QR code will lead them to a form which can be used directly to report incidents of anti-social behaviour.

The idea is to take immediate and more effective steps against anti-social behavior. That is why the concerned authorities are taking steps towards educating citizens about the use of these codes and by encouraging them to scan the codes and report all incidents of anti-social behavior. Since smartphone penetration is likely to get higher, it is expected that the number of people accessing the QR codes will increase and will help to make Gloucestershire a safer place.

How effective this use of QR codes will be still remains to be seen. However, the chances are high that this project actually becomes a success, since the authorities are sending out mailers to all residents of the county and explaining to them the use of the codes. The main obstacle to the success of QR codes is lack of knowledge and lack of trust. By taking the trouble to inform citizens, Gloucestershire county is ensuring that the QR codes they put up have an immediate effect.


QR Codes to Report Anti-Social Behavior