Ralph Lauren Engages Customers With Mobile Proximity Marketing at Harrods

Global fashion brand Ralph Lauren launched its first Polo line for women through British department store Harrods recently using mobile-enhanced window display. 15 window displays of Harrods on London’s Brompton Road have been taken over by Ralph using mobile proximity technology to engage customers.

By going beyond the traditional window display, here at Harrods the display allows the passer-by to unlock exclusive interactive content by just tapping or scanning the display. This allows the brand to connect to the customers via smart phones and gives shoppers an out-of-hours opportunity to engage with the campaign and access the product range.

“Customers are increasingly using mobile and digital technology platforms, so we are keen to explore new ways for brands to interact with our customers whilst they visit the store,” said Guy Cheston, the media sales director for Harrods. “It’s great to be able to reach out to passers-by, even when the store is closed and build brand loyalty and excite customers into the store, or for a return visit.”

Window display at Harrods used large vinyl lenticulars and stickers, when scanned or tapped upon it initiated a landing page on smartphones. In return the customers see an interactive map that guides them to the newly-launched Fashion Lab within Harrods where the collection is located. Harrods had launched a mobile proximity initiative earlier on its Handbag Narrative campaign which resulted in 400 downloads in a few weeks.

As mobile phones are changing the way the market functions, retailers are finding innovative ways to connect to the customers. Retailers send offers and messages to customers who use mobile phones while shopping through location-based technologies. This also helps merchants understand the shoppers shopping patterns and accordingly provide service, deals and other multiple options.