Re-engagement is the Key to Mobile Customer Engagement.

Don’t leave mobile customer engagement at the first stage. You need to go on to ‘re-engagement’ too.
Let’s face facts: consumers are a distracted lot. And to make matters worse, there are actually a lot of distractions out there. No product or service remains unique for long, and retailers compete to see who can offer the best deals. To state the obvious: it’s a cut-throat world where the consumer is king. So how does a brand stand out in such an overcrowded marketplace? The key is re-engagement.

Numerous articles have been written about how to go about creating a mobile customer engagement strategy (including on this blog). However, engagement doesn’t stop at the first level. The important thing to do is to keep reminding your customers of who you are and what you’re offering them. This interview does a very good job of describing exactly why re-engagement is necessary.

The question then is – how can re-engagement be done? There are a few different ways in which this can happen:

  • If you’ve sent out a text message blast about your latest sale, wait for 24 hours at least before sending the next one. In this way, the customers who got distracted while reading your previous message and forgot about it will be reminded once more. Also, since you have kept a gap of 24 hours (at least) between your first and second message, you won’t seem ‘spammy’ to those of your customers who didn’t forget.
  • This tactic of reminding customers of your existence (or keeping them updated with new information) also works when it comes to mobile coupons or loyalty points. By using some location-based technology, you can remind your customers of their unused or expiring mobile coupons and accumulated loyalty points whenever they are in close proximity to your store or inside it.
  • Don’t ignore the power of emails. Studies have shown that more emails are now being opened on mobile devices than ever before, and it is very likely that this number will soon eclipse the number of emails being opened on desktops and laptops. Get an opt-in list of customers and send them monthly or fortnightly newsletters which are easy to view on mobile as well. This will go a long way in ensuring that your brand has top of the mind recall.
  • Mobile is also a great re-engagement platform when it comes to social networks. Go beyond trying to get more likes for your pages or the maximum number of re-tweets. Use social forums to resolve customer complaints and gather feedback. You can also run weekly sweepstakes or photo contests to keep your customers excited about engaging with your brand.