Red Bull adopts proximity marketing campaign to engage customers:

Red Bull is using innovative mobile marketing strategies to push its power drink to consumers. The brand is leveraging proximity marketing to send promotional coupons targeting consumers with Bluetooth enabled devices when they roam departmental stores selling Red Bull. All the consumers need to do is to enable Bluetooth functionality of the phone to receive offers. The Bluetooth enabled device beeps or vibrates and a message on the screen asks the user if he or she would like to receive an offer from Red Bull. If agreed by the user, the coupon is instantly pushed to the customer’s phone which can be eventually redeemed at the cash register either by bar code or serial number depending on the functionality of the phone.
This activity of connecting shoppers with their mobile device covers a wider spectrum of audience and allows delivery of richer media content. Proximity Marketing enables advertisers to deliver rich media content like videos and coupons to their target audience creating a unique experience for shoppers.

Red Bull, a brand often associated with some of the most exciting and memorable marketing efforts have been a first mover in many creative areas and mobile consumer engagement is not an exception. The Red Bull Stratos jump by Felix Baumgartner which went viral, The Red Bull Formula1 sponsorship, sports activations, race events and out of the box creative campaigns have helped propel he Red Bull brand to the cutting edge of marketing and with their foray into mobile activation, we can expect to see more excited customers engage with the brand via smartphones.

Coca Cola carried out a similar proximity marketing campaign which enabled them to track the behavioral pattern of their consumers and keep a record of the number of consumers who redeemed their coupons every day. Over time there will be a drastic change in the shopping pattern of urban consumers and the interest in digital ads and personalized promotional messages send to the smart devices of consumers is on the rise with some well known beverage brands leading the way in creating mobile experiences.