Mobile Marketing Success Depends on Respecting Customer Choices

If you still haven’t mapped out a mobile marketing campaign for your brand, perhaps you should start considering it.  After all, you don’t want your business to be one of the few left behind at a time when more and more business owners are seeing the merits of investing in mobile marketing and mobile engagement. We’ve talked before about why it is important for business to get on mobile, a platform where they are most accessible to consumers. However, before investing in a mobile marketing strategy, you should ask yourself one very important question – are you respecting customer choices? Your mobile marketing success depends on how you answer this question.
Respecting customers and their choices form a very big part in creating successful customer engagement. We have written about earning customer loyalty by being honest and open; by being respectful of their customers, brands can earn even more goodwill.

So before you answer the question posed above – do you know how to respect your customers – consider these additional questions. The answers to these will show you whether or not you should be considering a mobile marketing strategy at all.

  1. Would you ask your customers’ permission before sending them promotional messages?
  2. Would you give your customers instructions on how to opt out of receiving promotional messages?
  3. Would you make the effort find out which of your customers are interested in your offers, before you start sending out messages to everyone?
  4. Would you only send messages that are truly beneficial to your customers?
  5. Would you give your customers control over when, how and in what form they would like to receive promotional messages from you?

If your answer to all these questions is “Yes”, then go ahead and start planning a mobile marketing strategy. If even a single answer is “No”, you might want to check out this infographic, that shows exactly what consumers think of mobile marketing that does not respect their choices.



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