Bridge your PIM data to the internet & activate smart IoT digital interactions across your products

Ready your product data for today's consumer retail landscape.

The Consumer Products Industry is going through an unprecedented change in terms of “Trusted Product Information & Consumer Transparency". Consumers today rely extensively on product information while making their purchase decisions. They want access to more information about the products they purchase and the ability to access it in-store, online, through their smartphones and other channels at any time. Brands that provide a single source of truth and accurate & consistent product content across all channels will show that they have been able navigate this shift in the industry and are ahead of the curve.

Over 7000 consumer industry brands & manufacturers today have over 1 million product SKUs within the Qliktag platform. These products are accessed by retailers, mobile applications, third party web applications and other data recipients around the globe on-demand enabling new age omni-channel commerce.

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Sign up for a FREE "Data Provider" account & add / manage as many products as you would like on the Qliktag platform free of charge. You can manage, enrich your product attributes, add product images, documents & more, import bulk product information into the system, export your products & create secure API connections to access your products for external systems with your FREE "Data Provider" account. Try our Digital Interaction Engine to design & deploy your first product experience.

Simple & powerful omni-channel product information management

The Qliktag platform offers brands & manufacturers a comprehensive solution for the collection and dissemination of consistent, accurate and validated product content and ongoing maintenance as a strategic corporate initiative, enabling:

  • collecting & enriching product content from multiple sources
  • delivering product information to recipients in the required format
  • controlling access to brand owned data
  • monitoring analytics
  • meeting regulatory requirements
  • delivering rich, engaging product experiences to consumers
  • powering digital commerce applications, systems within the organization & retail system needs

Whatever the internet endpoint of the product content requirement is, the Qliktag platform will help supply quality product information seamlessly from a centralized hub.

Activate IoT enabled digital labels, solutions & interactions across your products.

The Qliktag platform goes beyond what traditional PIM (product information management) systems offer once a brand has curated detailed product information.

Qliktag’s unique IoT Engine allows you to design and generate unique rich mobile interactions & experiences for every individual product SKU with a user friendly drag & drop interface. These product interactions can be activated through QR codes, barcodes, ibeacon, mobile apps or other activation methods by consumers or entities in the supply chain to interact with the product digitally.

It opens possibilities to numerous innovative applications whether for marketing, product activation, offer distribution, content distribution, engagement, customer feedback, product authentication, traceability, tracking and more.

Complete with a powerful mobile applications SDK, customer insights dashboard, analytics and features to deploy branded product activations, the Qliktag IoT Engine enables brands to connect directly with their customers and deliver product content in an engaging way.

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Sign up for a FREE "Data Provider" account & add / manage as many products as you would like on the Qliktag platform free of charge. Digitize your first product now!