Launch your own product data hub.

A product data backbone designed to drive omni-channel commerce.

Today, product data & product content plays a critical role in the purchase decisions of consumers. In fact, product content is just as important as the product itself. In previous decades, marketing, media, branding & positioning all played key roles in influencing consumers. As Generation X and the Millennials continue to make up a larger portion of the consumer base, the availability of trusted, consistent product information is driving purchase decisions in an unprecedented way.

In order for a retail organization to provide a seamless experience across stores and through online and mobile channels they must not only provide trusted, accurate and consistent product information but also essential is the right solution to aggregation & controlled syndication of this data.

Whether product data is required by the consumer to make purchase decisions, by government regulators for consumer transparency, within the retail organization by departments or any other entity, the data is often unreliable because it is supplied by multiple sources, not standardized or in a digitally usable format, inconsistent, not in a digitally usable format, incomplete and fragmented. From a consumer's point of view, what they read off a package is often different from what they read on social media, a review site, a mobile application or within the store.QLIKTAG's platform enables retailers to launch their own product data hub or supplier portal to form the backbone of the information infrastructure.

For a retail organization, centralized, consistent and trusted product content is a key pillar of 'Unified Commerce' for a retail organization and the QLIKTAG Platform is the lynchpin for this pillar.

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The right solution goes beyond traditional PIM systems

Today, product information within an organization is stored and collected in various ways. Sometimes physically as packaging flats, at times in spreadsheets, in text documents, GDSN or even a PIM system. It brings up the question, “Why not a PIM system?”, to manage product information.

PIM systems are inward-looking tools. The brand/supplier and the retailer themselves typically have a separate PIM system with varying data models & information. There is often no direct access to the PIM system for external parties and no real feedback on the quality and completeness of data.

The right solution allows the retailer to define the data model and attributes to ensure each brand provides & supplies the same consistent information. In effect, what is needed is a solution that turns the traditional PIM solution on its head.

It would allow for a central organization to control not just the data model to define and regulate who has access to what data.

The QLIKTAG collaborative product data hub for retailers enables

Delivery of trusted, consistent & accurate product information to consumers when they need it; a foundation for Unified Commerce
Faster product setup cycles in-store as data is readily available at a centralized source
Supplying e-commerce requirements, enterprise applications, web applications, mobile applications that require product data in a digitally standardized format they can consume via API
Interfacing between other standards based information systems such as the GDSN, GS1 standard data pools or existing P.I.M.
Meeting consumer transparency regulations such as the GMO labeling law, SmartLabel initiative, and new FDA nutrition labeling requirement.
Powering present & upcoming omni-channel retail technologies such as SmartShelves, Virtual Reality Stores, SmartSearch, iBeacon triggered offers, Geo Location based push notifications, mobile shopping lists, kiosks and more.
Building more powerful applications for inventory management, big data analytics, spoil detection for food & beverage products, coupon pool & offer management, product audit applications and other innovative applications

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To get an in-depth look into how the QLIKTAG Platform can be leveraged by retailers to head the charge on a product content hub initiative, request a demo and we'll schedule one for you.