St. George Bank engages branch customers with iBeacon

Innovative mobile marketing platforms and smart campaigns have gone a long way to bridge the gap between buyers and brands, fostering stronger brand commitment and more personalized connection.
After brands and retails, iBeacon successfully moved into another not so conventional business space: Banking sector. St George Bank, incorporated iBeacons to send personalized messages to the Apple iPhones and tablets of customers as they walk inside the premises of participating branches in Westpac. St George bank is currently experimenting with beacons in 3 branches in Sydney.

When a customer walks into the bank, the iBeacon senses the person’s entrance and sends a welcome message and personalized information directly to their iPhone or iPad.


“The new technology will let us know who our customers are when they walk into a branch and what service and products we might be able to help them with,” a St. George spokesman elaborated.

“The customer will receive a welcome message and details of the branch manager, as well as a range of options they can choose depending on the service they require, such as seeing the branch manager or speaking to a home lender.


Incorporating technology will helps banks by reducing queues which is the most unwelcome encounter in any bank. Again, the customers will be well armed with an idea of which desk to approach for a particular service. Customers are free to opt out of the services at their will, but this innovative technology is meant to make banking transactions easier for both the bank and the customer.


The future of business will be in the ability to anticipate customer’s needs, understand what matters to them and act on that knowledge to surprise and delight them,” said St. George CEO George Frazis. “Our investment in iBeacon will help us to achieve that – and it has the potential to dramatically change the service experience in Australian banking. “The iBeacon trial forms part of a broader investment in our retail branches that will see more digital technology and increased staff expertise to make banking simpler, easier and faster for our customers,” he said.

The recent inclusion of Apple iBeacons and adoption of mobile platforms for customer engagement shows a clear demand innovative technology to suit the changing patterns in which modern customers shop or even deal with their daily life chores like bank transaction.