Internet of Things

Internet of Things’ Role in Recycling & Smarter Waste Management

Every day, more and more devices are being connected to the Internet. According to Statista, the global internet of things market is projected to be valued at more than 1.7 trillion US dollars by 2019, with the global connected devices … Read More

How Barilla Uses Internet of Products for its Field to Fork Model

Barilla’s Field to Fork Model can be identified as a noteworthy use case on the Internet of Products.  Founded in 1877, Barilla is an Italian food company which produces a variety of pasta and sauce. Barilla has made a huge … Read More

How HP Uses Internet of Things to Tackle the Counterfeiting Menace

Counterfeiting is a major concern for brands. Companies lose billions of dollars in revenue and consumers also suffer the consequences in situations where they are unable to verify themselves or their ownership over products. “The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and … Read More

internet of things

The Larger World of Pseudo-Connected Internet of Things

There is a lot of buzz around the Internet of Things these days. For those who are not familiar with “Internet of Things”, it is essentially a system of interconnected devices (things) with unique identifiers that can communicate with each … Read More

CISCO Uncovers Key to Engaging Shoppers Using Mobile

Smartphones today have evolved to be an important part of our daily lives more than ever before and it’s been more than a decade that consumers are engaged in e-commerce. With these smartphones, today consumers are completely going digital and … Read More

Internet of Things

In the world which is eventually moving towards “Internet of things”, “Things” is the physical world that has layers of information which is transmitted to the digital world. The “Things” in Internet of Things can be anything from a person … Read More