The Key to Mobile Customer Loyalty: Honesty

The key to customer loyalty – whether its on mobile or not –  is really quite simple, once you take the trouble to understand it

In this wonderful article on, Jonathan Salem Baskin talks about how Amazon earns customer loyalty through conducting its business with honesty and integrity, not through merely doling out rewards. It’s an interesting, and relevant, point that Mr. Baskin raises: every year, companies spend a lot of money on generating customer loyalty and much time and effort is spent on building strategies that reward loyal customers with discounts, coupons and special offers. Now, with more attention being focused on mobile customer loyalty, perhaps it is time to re-emphasize the most fundamental of customer loyalty strategies: honesty.

In today’s mobile world, it is easy to believe that a business needs to bring a whole arsenal of customer loyalty tactics to the table. That it is as simple of that to retain customers and ensure their loyalty. To an extent, the importance of a loyalty program is significant in any business. Yes, coupons work, as do discounts. We’ve all seen the results and some of us have experienced them too. When your customers check-in at your restaurant or retail outlet, they like it when you notice and reward them for simply being there. However, also remember that if your customers feel cheated or shortchanged in any way, there’s no discount that will keep bringing them back.  To make sure customers are coming back to your brand, you need to let them know that deals you offer them are the best – for them.

Amazon ensured Mr. Baskin’s loyalty because it felt the need to pass on savings as small as $.16 to him. Perhaps, other brands too can think up ways in which they can assure their customers that they aren’t just baiting and luring them in with deals, and that they actually do have their best interests in mind.


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