The Store of the Future is Here: AmazonGo

No lines, No Checkouts, No Registers – Welcome to Amazon Go.

Seattle, US: Amazon’s vision which incepted almost four years back has been steadily coming to life. The retail giant opened their cashier-free store in Seattle, on Monday. After a year-long testing phase, the store is now finally open to customers.

Amazon has successfully weaved the most advanced machine learning, computer vision and AI technology into the very fabric of its store in order to create the cashier free experience.

The deep learning algorithms and sensor fusion technology used by Amazon is similar to the ones used in driverless cars which gives them the edge to become the pioneers of the consumer-centric retail ecosystem.

How it Works:  The technology allows for a syndication of customer’s Amazon account into the Amazon Go App. Customers can download the AmazonGo app, use it to enter the store, and start shopping.

The app allows customers to enter, exit and pick up groceries and products. The tracking technology along with multiple cameras on the ceiling and shelves, lets you pick anything and automatically adds it to the virtual Amazon Card through the app. Customers can check the auto-generated receipt and pay once they are out of the store.

This “just walk-out technology” looks promising and makes shopping seem fast, convenient and unified.

Amazon is making shopping extremely easy and seamless for customers. Empowering customers to be in and out of its store within minutes is expected to be a game changer. AmazonGo is a prime example of how seamless flow of data can automate retail and refine the customer experience.

Here’s a look at how it actually works:

Keep going with AmazonGo!


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