Three Important Do’s for a Mobile Call to Action

One of the key ingredients for a successful mobile marketing campaign is an excellent mobile call to action.Basically, a mobile call to action is the bridge that connects consumers with the content that you’re leading them to. It is, ideally, something that makes consumers want to see what your mobile marketing campaign is all about. A mobile call-to-action is like your campaign’s calling card: it needs to impress at first glance, or you risk losing your audience. That is why there are a few basic rules you need to follow when crafting a mobile call to action that truly speaks to your consumers.

Be Brief

Mobile is not a platform on which to display paragraphs about your brand. This is where you need to ensure that your message is concise and punchy. So instead of saying, “Scan this QR Code to read all about our brand’s food products that are not only healthy, but also cheap and widely available”, say something like, “Scan this code to know why (our brand) is the right choice for you”.

Be Clear

Again, language that is anything other than absolutely to-the-point and precise should not be on mobile. This is where you have to maintain that delicate balance between using too many words and using too few words. You can’t write a paragraph instructing the consumer, but neither can you be cryptic and say, “Scan this”. Make sure your consumers know WHY they should be scanning the code.

Be Consistent

If you’re asking your customers to scan a code using their mobile devices, you need to make sure that they land on a page that is optimized for mobile. We’ve written before about why a mobile optimized site is important and how it can be done well. If your customers are taking time out to read your mobile call-to-action and scan your QR code, you need to make sure that they don’t feel cheated at the end of it.