What Apple’s iOS 7 Update Means for the Mobile Commerce Ecosystem

Ever since Apple unveiled the new iOS 7 earlier this week, there has been much talk on both sides of the fence. Some are hailing the new design as simple, elegant and useful, while others are deriding the changes as merely cosmetic. On this blog, however, we are more concerned with how the new design and features will affect mobile marketing and mobile commerce and we’ll look at two of the more significant changes in that light:

iTunes Radio

This is a pretty significant change: Apple is responding to consumers who are increasingly tuning in to internet radio. According to studies, 80% of internet radio users tune in for 1-3 hours per day and 61% of users don’t minimize the player, while 64% check the player for information on the song and artist.  In fact, the number of users accessing internet radio via mobile devices grew from 51 % (smartphone) and 15% (tablet) in 2011 to 62% (smartphone) and 28% (tablet) in 2012. That’s a significant chunk of consumers that businesses can reach out to. This is great news for marketers, but only if Apple opens up this platform to them.

iCloud Keychain

The number of people using their mobile devices to conduct transactions is demonstrably rising. Studies have projected that by 2015 the value of global mobile payment transactions will be over $490 billion, and the sales revenue through mobile commerce will be $31 billion. Clearly, more people are growing confident with making mobile transactions, and by including a feature like iCloud Keychain in the new iOS 7, Apple is making it easier for many more users to be part of the mobile commerce revolution. According to the company, this feature is designed to remember account names, passwords, credit card numbers for users so that the next time they want to make an online purchase, Safari will enter the details automatically.It is highly encrypted, and will work on all iOS 7 devices.


According to one report, Passbook on iOS 7 could support the scanning of QR codes. There is a ‘Scan Code’ call-to-action on the top-right corner of Passbook. This is great for mobile marketers who want to use QR codes in their campaigns, which could be used to deliver coupons, offers and deals directly to customers.



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