What is Mobile Marketing and Why You Need It

Mobile marketing is too big to ignore: studies show us that given the rate at which mobile marketing is growing, sales via this channel are likely to increase from $139 billion in 2012 to more than $400 billion in 2015. Mobile marketing evangelists have repeatedly presented us with hard facts about its growth. Clearly, mobile marketing is here to stay and businesses that ignore it do so at their own risk.

What is Mobile Marketing?

In a nutshell, ‘Mobile Marketing’ defines a set of practices that allows organizations to communicate and engage with their audience through the medium of mobile devices. These mobile devices include mobile phones, smart phones and tablets.  So any form of SMS and MMS marketing, mobile web marketing, geo-location sor proximity marketing, mobile advertising and mobile payments fall under the umbrella of mobile marketing. It could also include the use of mobile apps, QR codes and NFC posters to get consumers to actively seek out marketing messages and information.

Why Your Business Needs Mobile Marketing

  1. Your Customers are ThereMobile has changed the way we consume news, share data, listen to music, find locations, socialize and look up information.  It has also changed the way consumers look for products and brands. As more consumers research products and check out store locations on their mobile devices, brands need to recognize the need to be accessible to their customers. If you have a mobile web presence or a mobile app that provides an easy, enjoyable experience, your customers are less likely to go to your competitors.
  2. Your Competition is There: Keeping track of the competition is important for any business. As more and more brands get on mobile, chances are high that more than one of your competitors is there and is scooping in the customers who are turned off by your lack of a mobile presence. If you don’t want to lose any more customers to your competition, you need to get on mobile right now.
  3. Direct & Personalized Reach: The one device that is within arm’s reach of most people is their mobile or smart phone. People use their devices while shopping, commuting and even while watching TV. Clearly, if you get on mobile, you have a greater chance of reaching your customers no matter where they are. Besides this, it is also possible to send customized and personalized mobile marketing messages to consumers.
  4. It is Measurable: One of the biggest myths about mobile marketing is that it is not measurable. Obviously, this is not true. There are a number of tools that can be used to measure the impact of your mobile marketing.  These tools also enable you to access a wealth of data on customer behavior and preferences, all of which you can use to increase the impact of your mobile marketing strategy.
  5. It is Affordable: This is another popular misconception about mobile marketing — that it is only for the big brands who can afford to pay big bucks. The truth is that mobile marketing can suit any budget and be executed on a small scale as well as on a massive scale. In fact, there are a number of providers of mobile marketing solutions who will be happy to tailor a mobile marketing strategy to suit your requirements and your budget.



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