Industry 4.0 - Connected Consumer Retail Products White Paper
The Role of Connected Consumer Retail Products in the Industry 4.0 Revolution
This paper talks about the Industry 4.0 revolution often associated with automation of manufacturing, transport and other sectors. It highlights the role of "connected" consumer products and how data generated by them can co-relate to other systems like smart cities, healthcare, climate and more in the context of Industry 4.0
PIM Software Solutions - A Buyers Guide
This document aims to help identify certain key business requirements which can be served by selecting the right technology solution and then help to prioritize these requirements in order of their importance to your organization so you can benchmark the vendors and solutions that offer the best fit for your requirements.
Product Data Aggregation & Delivery for Omni-Channel Retail
Product data & product content today, is playing a more critical role in the purchase decisions of consumers as well as the way retail is done. In previous decades, marketing, media, branding & positioning played key roles in influencing of consumers.
How the Amazon Whole Foods Deal Redefines the CPG Retail Game
How the Amazon-Whole Foods Deal Redefines the CPG Retail Game
The news of Amazon’s intent to purchase Whole Foods, has caused more than just a ripple in the Grocery and CPG retail industries. It comes at the start of serious disruption within retail landscape and marks a change in the rules of how the CPG retail game has been played.
Product Content Management - Standards Based Data Models
Product Content Management - Standards Driven Data Models
While traditional PIM systems offer the flexibility of being able to build your own data model from the ground up and define your own structures and attributes, flexibility is a double edged sword. The data model adopted for the final product content management...
Looking at GS1 Source Aggregators as an Alternative to GDSN Data Pools
Looking at GS1 Source Aggregators as a Viable Alternative to GDSN Data Pools
In a world where omni channel retail and digital commerce is driven by data, it's unthinkable to ignore the need to centralize the distribution of brand or supplier sanctioned product content.