Qliktags IoT Platform and Where Does Blockchain Fit In - White Paper
Qliktag’s IoT Platform & Where Does Blockchain Fit In?

There is tremendous hype around Blockchain these days and we started to wonder how Blockchain applies to Qliktag’s IoT platform. This white paper explores the role of the Qliktag IoT Platform and blockchain in enabling product trust and offers a more holistic view of how it can be achieved through truth, transparency & traceability.

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Enabling Trust as it Applies to Products Today
Enabling “Trust as it Applies to Products Today”

So why is Trust important ? Because consumers are demanding it, regulators are demanding it and your partners are demanding it. And if you don’t deliver then quite simply, you will not succeed as a business in the 21st century. This white paper addresses the important issue of enabling Trust in products as it applies in today’s digitally driven world of consumer retail.

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Industry 4.0 - Connected Consumer Retail Products White Paper
The Role of Connected Consumer Retail Products in the Industry 4.0 Revolution
This paper talks about the Industry 4.0 revolution often associated with automation of manufacturing, transport and other sectors. It highlights the role of “connected” consumer products and how data generated by them can co-relate to other systems like smart cities, healthcare, climate and more in the context of Industry 4.0 
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Product Data Aggregation & Delivery for Omni-Channel Retail
Product data & product content today, is playing a more critical role in the purchase decisions of consumers as well as the way retail is done. In previous decades, marketing, media, branding & positioning played key roles in influencing of consumers.
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