This is why the Ferragamo QR Code is All Wrong

New Yorkers passing by the Salvatore Ferragamo flagship boutique in the city will probably have spotted the QR code displayed on the store window. This Ferragamo QR code, which is part of the window display for the Making of a Dream comic about the life of  the designer Ferragamo, adds another dimension to the story. When scanned, it leads to a mobile optimized website that shares information about The Amazing Shoemaker exhibit at the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo is Florence.
There are a couple of ways in which the Ferragamo QR code is well-executed:

  1. The luxury brand is making a clear effort to bridge the gap between the offline and the online for its customer base.
  2.  A link has been provided for users to book a visit to the museum in Florence

However, there are many more things wrong with the way the QR code has been used here.

  1. Although the age the Ferragamo QR code leads to is mobile-optimized, it doesn’t add any real value to the user’s experience. It is a single page with too much text. The information provided there could have been more succinct and to-the-point.
  2. Apart from one image (which is a poster for the exhibition), there are no pictures  to give the users any real idea of what The Amazing Shoemaker exhibit will be like. Naturally, the museum can’t be expected to put up pictures of the whole collection, but a few would have done more to entice potential visitors.
  3. The “Book Now” link leads to the non-optimized Museo Salvatore Ferragamo home page. We’ve said in a previous post why that is a huge mistake for any brand to make.

A QR code can be a great tool to bring other worlds into the lives of people. Ferragamo missed a golden opportunity to introduce a bit of Italy into New York with the way they have used the code on their store window. It could easily have been used to share images or videos, but was instead used to deliver static content that led to any mobile user’s pet peeve – a non-optimized site.



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