5 Reasons Why Mobile Marketing is Important

One of the biggest questions confronting business owners today is: why mobile marketing? And if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know we are big on Mobile Marketing. In fact, what we write on this blog offers a variation on the same theme: why your business should go mobile. We’ve said it here, and here and we will continue to say it. Not because its the latest trend in marketing. But because it is a reflection of how well businesses adapt to changing consumer behavior, and let’s face it: consumer behavior is changing fairly rapidly. Going on mobile offers businesses a chance to get closer to their consumer base than ever before, and to target increasingly personalized marketing messages at them. It gives businesses the opportunity to say what they want quickly and effectively, and in as creative a way as possible, without spending big money on outdoor advertising and angling for television commercial spots.
Check out the slideshow below (courtesy HubSpot) for 45 more reasons to convince you to get your business on mobile.


why mobile marketing is important