3 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Mobile Website

Still not sure if your company needs a mobile website? Read on to find out why having a mobile website is essential to any business in today’s economy

Are you one of those still hanging back from the mobile revolution, assuming that this is a phase that will soon pass? You couldn’t be more wrong. If you’re hoping that the ‘mobile revolution’ blows over and that your business will continue to do just ‘fine’ without going in for a mobile website, you need to wake up. We’re only at the beginning of the mobile revolution and already many businesses have benefited from it – right from creating a mobile website to mobile apps, mobile loyalty programs and forming clear mobile marketing strategies.

Of course, investing time and money in a full-fledged mobile marketing campaign is a big ask for any company. However, a mobile website is the most basic step that any company can take to keep up with customers and their demands. Here are 3 reasons why your company absolutely should get a mobile website.

  1. Google will penalize you:  Google has recently made it very clear that a bad mobile website or even websites that aren’t optimized for mobile will lose significantly in terms of search ranking.  As more and more people use mobile devices for search, Google is streamlining its process to serve them better. One of the best ways it can do so is by directing them to websites that are best optimized for viewing and use on mobile devices. To keep up in the new era of Google search, therefore, brands need to invest in building mobile websites that will be useful to customers.
  2. Your customers are looking for you on their mobile devices: Even without considering the Google factor, it is important for a business to build its own mobile website for the simple reason that most consumers are on mobile. Studies have proved that most people prefer to look for products and services on their mobile devices. For many people, the final purchase decision they make depend on what their mobile search throws up. If your mobile website is not there, chances are strong that you will lose a lot of potential customers.
  3. Your customers are on mobile even when they are doing other things: It’s true: ‘multi-screen’ is the order of the day. So even when your customers are watching TV, they continue to be engaged with their mobile devices. Recent research shows that Millennials are the most prolific multi-screeners, with 69% indulging in this behavior. We have already written about how important it is to capture the Millennial market.