Why You Should Care About NFC

NFC has had its detractors and supporters; here’s why you should be one of the supporters

NFC has regularly been classed as ‘unusable’ or ‘just a gimmick’. Many have raised doubts about its security, while many others have said it’s not worth using because Apple hasn’t adopted it yet. Perhaps, it is now time to point out that there are obviously many around the world who simply do not agree. A study released by Berg Insights last month reveals the following facts:

  1. The global sales of handsets with NFC capabilities grew by 300% in 2012 and reached 140 million units
  2. In 2012, the top 10 handset vendors released nearly 100 NFC-enabled models
  3. The penetration of NFC-ready POS terminals will be an estimated 87% in the European Union and Switzerland and Norway, by the end of 2017. By the same time, the penetration rate in North America will be 82% and the penetration in Latin America will be 68%.  The penetration rate in the rest of the world will be 39%.

Clearly, technology is the future and all the top makers of mobile handsets (except Apple) have already recognized that.We’ve written before, on this blog, about how this technology is relevant, and how NFC stickers and tags can do a great deal for businesses in terms of marketing and customer engagement.

However, it’s a fact that bears repeating: Near Field Communication can actually have a very positive impact on business.For instance:

For instance:

  1. NFC posters can be used to advertise businesses and to give users an ‘Augmented Reality’ experience
  2. NFC tags on products can be used to give customers access to information they might otherwise not get so easily. For instance, NFC tags can be used on food products to share recipe videos,
  3. NFC payment terminals can be used to enable customers to make prompt payments, without having to wait in long checkout lines.