Qliktag IoT Platform for Connected Products

Now available! The Qliktag NFC Tag Starter Kit for product authentication & anti counterfeiting solutions. 

Start building connected product solutions using our super scalable low-code IoT platform.

Bridging everyday consumer products in the physical world with the digital world via the cloud.

Connected products

The Qliktag Platform offers an enterprise grade cloud IoT layer, rich features and tools to rapidly design, build and scale highly scalable solutions & smart applications around your tagged connected products with minimal software development or coding knowledge.

Accelerate product digitalization & innovation

Bridge your enterprises internal business systems, processes and data with your physical products & consumers so they can seamlessly interact over the cloud.  Leading brands & enterprises today leverage the Qliktag Platform to address key Industry 4.0 challenges and deploy customised solutions to address:

  • Product counterfeiting
  • End to end traceability
  • Connected smart packaging
  • E-labeling
  • Product safety
  • Consumer transparency
  • Ownership registration
  • Circular economy & systems
  • Sustainability
  • Waste management
  • Product push notifications & alerts

And other innovative applications where the product, the enterprise and it’s stakeholders interact & exchange information via the cloud.

Design digital experiences & smart solutions for your products with Qliktag

How to get started

Model your real world business “Entities” on the Qliktag Platform.

Create an “Entity” within the platform to model a class of “Things” you want to manage information about in the real world. Whether it is a product SKU, a manufacturing LOT, batch, shipping pallet, serial item, component or any other physical asset. Essentially, creating a digital twin or record that represents a physical instance of your asset on the cloud.


Define the relationships between your “Entities”

Create associations and relationships between “Entities” just as they exist in the real world. For example, a group of “serialised items” can be associated with it’s “batch”. A group of “components” can be associated with a finished “product SKU”.

Design your schema & data attributes

Leverage the visual drag & drop schema designer to define the attributes for each of your “Entities” with ease and without the need to have prior knowledge or technical skills in JSON schema creation.

Deploy your system to the cloud with a single click

Once you have completed your data model, you can publish it with a single click and you will instantly have an ElasticSearch deployment on the cloud, all the API’s you need to update and manage your Entity Instances or integrate with other data sources such as your PIM, ERP software, DAM tools, master data systems  and all the data form screens, import & export tools to manage your smart product data.

Design micro applications, generate & download “Digital Links” for each item instance

The Visual Interaction Template Designer offers a drag and drop capability to create micro applications for your connected things. These can then be made accessible on your tagged product via a trigger of your choice whether it’s a data matrix, GS1 digital link, NFC tag, RFID, QR code, digital watermark or simply download the unique URLs / digital links generated by the platform for every instance of your product or thing. The platform offers complete flexibility to make these interactions and experiences accessible using the technology you and your consumers prefer.


Entity & Relationships Creator

Drag & Drop Schema Builder

Data Model Versioning

ElasticSearch Powered Search & Retrieval

Custom API Designer with NodeRed

Visual Interaction Designer

Restricted Access / Secured Interactions

Custom Lists & Data Libraries

Accounts & Sub Accounts

Users, Roles & Permissions Management

Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics Support

Data Import & Export Capability

Events & Push Notifications

Multi-lingual Support

GS1 Digital Link Configuration & Resolver

NFC Tag Authentication Support

Audit Trail, Revisions & Change History

REST APIs with Documentation

Extensive Online Documentation & Help





Food & Beverages

Health & Beauty


Apparel & Fashion


Start building your connected product solutions today!

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