An IoT platform for everyday consumer products.

The QLIKTAG connected smart products platform enables brands & retailers to participate in the 'Internet of Products'

Enable your products as 'connected products' with the QLIKTAG Platform

The QLIKTAG IoT Connected Smart Products Platform is a one-of-a-kind solution for building innovative, digital applications, experiences and interactions to enable your everyday ordinary consumer products as internet connected Smart Products.

With a combination of an Internet of Things Data Cloud for product attributes, a Digital Interaction Designer & a rich library of secure APIs the QLIKTAG Platform is an enabler for driving new-age digital businesses and processes for the consumer products & retail industry.

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Configure digital twins for your product SKUs, batches or instances on the cloud

The 'Entity & Data Model Designer' allow you to take any product SKU, item, batch or serial instance & configure simple to highly complex data models to turn them into digital twins accessible over the cloud.

Deploy digital instances of your products over the internet & power intelligent applications

The platform enables you to maintain a few to a few million “Digital Instances" of products all the way down to an individual serial item level. Robust APIs will enable you to build the kind of intelligent business processes & applications which are driving the world towards Industry 4.0

Design digital interactions for your product instances both visual & IoT flow based

The “Digital Interaction Designer" provides users with an intuitive drag & drop interface for designing interactions on the “Digital Instances" of your products whether you're designing SmartLabels, digital warranties, track and trace or other types of interactions. The platform also offers a flow based interaction editor for non-visual IoT driven interactions with your “Digital Instances".

Some of the leading brands & retailers on our platform include:


Customer Testimonials

We have had great success onboarding member manufacturers and suppliers to start using the system. They have taken charge of uploading and verifying their product data on a regular basis and we’re seeing new item data added daily
Jan Somers
CEO - GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg
With the significant growth in online and mobile commerce, brand owners need to respond to retailer and consumer demands for trusted product data. GS1 Canada is pleased to announce our partnership with QLIKTAG Software.
Art Smith
CEO - GS1 Canada

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