Extended Merchandising™: A Products Best Friend

So what is Extended Merchandising™? Well, first off, merchandising in its purest form is all about the “product”. Physical in-store merchandising is about making products look attractive, bringing out the best part of the packaging and kinda of showing off … Read More

The whirlwind evolution of proximity marketing in retail & where it is headed.

Ever since smartphones became ubiquitous, marketers fantasized about proximity marketing being the future. They obsessed with mobile engagement scenarios specific to a certain location. However, the biggest obstacle for implanting this was lack of reliable technology. GPS positioning satellites were … Read More

New Mobile Merchandising Platform from Qliktag Boosts In-Store Sales, Brand Affinity with Smartphone Shoppers

NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT   First Mobile Merchandising Solution with Individual Product Promotion; Quick, Easy Activation Via iBeacon, NFC, Standard Barcode or QR Code NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., March 11, 2014 – Building a bridge between brick and mortar stores and the digital … Read More

The Two Main Advantages of Extended Packaging

The advantages of extended packaging are many. Here are two most important ones. Extended packaging could very well be the future of mobile marketing. Since consumers depend on their mobile devices for a lot of different things – actively shopping, … Read More

What is Extended Packaging?

The term ‘extended packaging’ refers to the practice of conveying information to consumers via their mobile devices. This information could take a number of different forms (video, images, web page) and is usually linked through a 2D code or QR … Read More

Diaper QR codes to help monitor babies’ health

(Image courtesy Tanya Parker) With the help of ‘smart diapers’ featuring QR codes, parents will be able to track dehydration, UTIs and kidney disorders in babies We’ve written earlier about QR codes being used by the Oklahoma medical board on … Read More

HDX Hydration Mix Adopts the QlikTag Mobile Marketing Solution

The well-known sports drink will use the Qliktag mobile marketing platform to connect and engage with users We are proud to announce that HDX Hydration Mix has chosen Zeebric’s Qliktag mobile marketing platform to convey its brand story and message to … Read More

NFC Authentication for Luxury Goods is an Effective Tool

In a post last week, we wrote about Korean retail chain E-Mart using anti-counterfeit QR codes on its designer goods. Now, a Swiss luxury watch brand is using leveraging NFC authentication by using NFC chips in warranty cards in place … Read More

South Korean Retailer Uses Anti-Counterfeit QR Code Tags

You’ve probably heard of the South Korean retail chain, E-Mart, as the creator of this wonderful, award-winning QR code marketing campaign. That particular QR code won E-Mart a number of fans across the world and succeeded in increasing the footfall … Read More

NFC and QR Codes make Museums Come Alive

Genoa’s Wolfsoniana Museum will now woo visitors by offering them an immersive experience, thanks to the use of NFC and QR code tags on 11 of its artworks. The museum is part of the PALM-Cities Project, which is researching the … Read More