NFC Authentication for Luxury Goods is an Effective Tool

In a post last week, we wrote about Korean retail chain E-Mart using anti-counterfeit QR codes on its designer goods. Now, a Swiss luxury watch brand is using leveraging NFC authentication by using NFC chips in warranty cards in place of traditional authentication certificates. HYT Watches has adopted security specialist WiseKey’s NFC-based solution, WiseAuthentic.
The warranty cards are activated by the retailers upon purchase.The card, which contains contact and contact-less chips, thus acts as proof of purchase and authentication certificate. Besides, it also allows customers to become members of an exclusive online club. This move is additionally beneficial for HYT, as it allows the brand to revoke authenticity remotely, and also gather sales figures.

Just like the QR codes mentioned before, the NFC chips are a great tool for luxury brands to use for authentication and to educate customers about counterfeit goods. The question of authenticity becomes more urgent, the higher one steps into the luxury bracket, and getting security and authentication strategies such as anti-counterfeit QR codes and NFC authentication makes for a wise investment for brands as well as customers. Of course, one can’t be sure how far these tools will be able to curb the rampant trade in fake goods; however, even merely informing and educating customers is a good step forward.

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NFC Authentication for Luxury Goods

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