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Counterfeits, replicas, fakes and illegal products are among the top challenges for many consumer brands globally. It has turned into battle against what is now a multi-billion dollar industry of counterfeit apparels, fashion, electronics, food & beverage, books, luxury items, pharmaceuticals and impacts nearly every product category. In most cases, the consumer will not be able to distinguish between a genuine product and a counterfeit.

Connected smart products equipped with a Qliktag on a batch or serialisation level have the inherent ability to enable product authentication capabilities. With an ordinary smartphone, consumers can scan a Smart Product which can then run a product authentication check against it’s digital record on the Qliktag Platform and return a message conveying whether that specific serial instance of the product is authenticated as genuine.



The Qliktag Platform also has in-built support for highly specialized NFC authentication tags such as the NXP 424 DNA NFC Tag and HID Trusted NFC Tags which are among the most secure & unbreakable anti counterfeiting technologies available today.

With AES 128 encryption and a sophisticated printed electronic chip which dynamically generates a random unique key on each tap, the technology offers a robust, un-clonable and impossible to hack / copy way to physically verify and authenticate genuine products and physical assets. This is perfectly suited to higher value product categories with higher markup or price margins.

Serialised QR Code Authentication for Anti Counterfeiting Solutions - Anti Counterfeit Solutions

Alternatively, all products registered within the Qliktag Platform are assigned a unique digital identifier and unique web URLs or GS1 Digital Link format URLs. When encoded within a printed 2D code / serialized QR code, they can be used to authenticate a registered product. The platform also offers the flexibility to configure additional rules such as limiting the number of scans for each individual QR code or using scan location to flag items with suspicious scan activity and further enhance the authentication logic. This is better suited to high volume, lower price margin product categories where cost is a considerable factor.

Easy check for consumers.No special app download required

Serialize every product with a unique digital product ID

Choose unclonable secure NFC tags with random changing keys or simple serialised printed QR codes

Enable consumers to report suspicious activity or share feedback

Completely configurable, architected to scale &  can be integrated with other systems within the organization

Configure Robust Anti Counterfeiting Solutions & Product Authentication with the Qliktag Platform

Get a Qliktag NFC Tag Starter Kit & Test it with Your Products

The Qliktag NFC Starter Kit for Anti Counterfeiting solutions comes with 10 or 20 NXP 424 DNA Tags in either rectangular 36mm X 18mm or round 30mm diameter sticker forms. Sign up for a FREE account on the Qliktag Platform, use an Android NFC enabled phone to encode the NFC tags and with the detailed documentation included with this kit, you will have everything you need to setup a small pilot project and test the anti counterfeit NFC tags with your products. The perfect way to evaluate the solution for yourself or present within the organization before deciding to scale and deploy across your products.

Pairing Digitally Owned & Traded NFT With Un-clonable NFC Tagged Physical Assets & Collectibles

The Qliktag Platform offers creators, designers, marketplaces and brands  a complete solution to pair physical assets, exclusive products or collectibles with digital NFTs on the blockchain. Combining the un-clonable secure NFC tags which ensure authenticity of the physical asset and digital ownership verification of the NFT paired with that asset for immutable ownership history & provenance, the platform enables the rapidly growing new economy of digitally owned & traded physical assets / collectibles. 

Case Study

A leading personal care brand requested Qliktag to setup a protoype demo for a fool-proof anti counterfeiting solution to help alert the company when growing instances of counterfeiting are identified in a region.

Entities were configured with data models for Batch->SKU->SerialItem within the Qliktag Platform. Additionally an “AuthenticationLog” entity was also setup to store results of a check. Special “Trusted NFC” stickers were inlayed within the packaging. These “Trusted NFC” stickers generate a new unique identifier code on each tap by a smartphone app which is checked against an authentication server and the pass/fail result is then relayed to the Qliktag Platform along with the device location details. A “Digital Interaction” template was designed and applied to every “SerialItem” instance of the product. If the product passed the authentication check, the consumer would see an interaction page with their specific serial item number and a confirmation assuring them their purchase is genuine.

If the authentication check failed, other than notifying the consumer through the digital interaction, the serial number, date time and location of the failed attempt would be written to the log. This log could then be used to feed a visual map web application with location markers of the passed or failed attempts. A concentration of failed attempts within a specific area on the map would indicate possible counterfeiting. 

Qliktag IoT - Product Authentication & Ant-Counterfeit Solutions
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Platform tools used in creating the anti counterfeit solutions include:

Case Study - Product Authentication & Anti Counterfeiting Solution

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