The Qliktag platform is engineered to power new-age product information driven commerce.

The role product content & data plays in today’s retail ecosystem is more significant than anyone could foresee. Both consumers & entities in the supply chain demand it and having a robust product information backbone is now critical to omni-channel success. The Qliktag platform was engineered as a highly robust, scalable enterprise class solution for aggregating, enriching, managing & securely syndicating product content on-demand through API connections, dynamic export formats & also in the form of digital product experiences that can be deployed and activated on the products.

The “Qliktag" or unique digital interaction ID tag assigned to products, instances or ‘things’ opens the door to the internet of things (IOT), digital labels and extended packaging. The Qliktag digital interaction engine was envisioned to design product experiences users could activate through their devices and interface with the product in it’s digital form. The platform offering also offers a mobile SDK that allows for mobile applications to be built and extend the product catalog & interactive features to iOS & Android users.

In today's information powered digital business environment organizations need a platform...

To aggregate product data & drive new age digital business
That can control what data is available to whom down to the individual product & attribute level
That allows you to easily configure the data model to enable aggregating & sharing whatever information is required
To syndicate your product data to 3rd party services and applications
That extends the data directly to the consumer
That enhances the exposure of your products to the internet
That checks to make sure the data is of high quality before sharing the data

A solution that bridges a Product Information Management platform to the Internet

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Scalable SaaS Platform
Web-based enterprise scale SaaS platform. Scalable for the largest enterprises & simple enough for the smallest brands to start with just a few products. Product information management redefined.
Integrate Digital Assets
Integrate digital assets, images & videos for every product & leverage the API to deliver these assets in the required format, size and/or language
Robust API for Sharing
Robust API for data recipients to connect with the system & request product information in Json or XML formats with quick response times
Customer Experience Engine
Design, generate & manage rich, unique consumer experiences for every product SKU & deliver them on-demand to your customers.
Standards Driven
Based on the GS1 Source standards driven data model. Ensures a robust global standards driven data-model right out of the box.
Centralized System Control
Designed for a central controller to define the system rules while inviting multiple companies & brands as users to collaborate in the data management process
Access & Permission Controls
Extensive data access & permissions controls to manage security and access to product information by every individual data recipient connected to the system.
Deploy Digital Labeling
Create interactive digital labels & consumer experiences accessible through barcodes, QR codes, iBeacon, search engines & more
Extendable Data-Model
Ability to add unlimited custom attributes & extend the data model to accommodate various categories & types of products. As flexible is PIM software systems.
Multiple Input Channels
Aggregate data using manual entry via WebUI, upload of Excel spreadsheets, interface to GDSN (MR3 compliant) or via a publishing API
Data Quality Rule Engine
Built-in data quality, data completeness and process management features that ensure data quality rules, measurement, metrics & processes can be defined by the controller
Mobile App SDK
Build engaging custom mobile apps with product scanners, catalogs, product search, ibeacon offers & more all powered by the Qliktag Platform.

Benefits of the Qliktag Platform

Single Trusted Source of Product Data for the Organization

The Qliktag platform enables the entire organization to develop a single source of truth when it comes to product data and content. Retailers or Multi-Brand Corporations can deploy a “Supplier Portal" or “Vendor Portal" to invite others to login and help gather, enrich and syndicate product content. All other systems within the organization & externally which require the data can be powered through this hub & consume the data in the format they require. Traditional PIM solutions or Product Information Management Software have their limitations and allow each information provider to have their own individual data models making data gathering fragmented and cumbersome.  The Qliktag platform allows for collaboration with external parties in collecting the data and also enables syndication of data to external parties and internal parties that do not have access to the PIM/MDM

A Consistent, Unified Omni-Channel Experience to Consumers

Whether a consumer is browsing your product online, through search engines, on a mobile app, in-store or on a SmartShelf, they receive a consistent experience & reliable product information to make their choices.

Speed & Efficiency in Getting Products to Market

Engaging a new retail outlet? Launching products on a new e-commerce website? Avoid delays in getting product information and in turn the products to market by giving collaborators instant access to the information they need in their required format.

Enable Your Digital Business Growth Plans

The largest growth opportunity facing most brands & retailers today is the digital commerce landscape. Whether it’s customer engagement through mobile applications, mobile commerce, review sites or e-commerce. This landscape demands product infomration in Json or XML formats and delivering that is key to growth online. While traditional PIM or product information management software can be used by different parts of an organization, centralising all the PIM solutions and having a single system built to deliver online and digital applications is key to the unified commerce vision.

Meet Consumer Transparency Objectives

Power all your internal consumer transparency initiatives or meet requirements for transparency regulations such as EU1169, GMO Labeling laws, FDA Labeling regulations, GMA SmartLabel requirements  with ease using the Qliktag platform