Deploy GMA SmartLabel™ the smart way with the QLIKTAG Platform

The SmartLabel™ is perhaps one of the most widely supported and promising initiatives for consumer transparency today. Initiated by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and Food Marketing Institute (FMI) along with GS1, Consulting Experts and some of the biggest CPG brands in manufacturing and retail, “the SmartLabel™" was a collaborative move to standardize a digital label format which consumers can use to access product information using their smartphones in order to build trust.

The foundation of the SmartLabel™ strives to ensure that consumers will be able to easily search or scan products to access consistent, brand verified product information.

Attributes such as nutrition, ingredients, allergens, product usage and information presented in the same consistent SmartLabel™ format regardless of brand, product or where the information is being demanded, creating a sense of familiarity and trust across the industry.

With over 90 of the largest companies in the CPG industry participating in the creation of the SmartLabel™ project, the SmartLabel™ is poised to be the future standard of mobile merchandising and consumer information delivery. All manufacturers or brands in the industry, whether large or small, will need to address the demands of the modern consumer if they wish to stay competitive in their markets.

Are you familiar with GMO Labeling Law S-764?

On 29th July 2016 President Obama signed GMO Labeling Law S-764 after it was passed by US Congress mandating how brands & manufacturers will be required to declare GMO ingredients to consumers as the consumers right to know . View an Infographic which simplifies GMO Labeling Law S-764 & what it could imply for your business.

Why consider QLIKTAG to deploy SmartLabel™?

The SmartLabel™ initiative defines very detailed specifications and standards for brands & manufacturers who intend to deploy SmartLabel™ on their products all of which are highlighted at

As with any technology deployment, there are investments and costs in terms of education, resources, hardware, software and most importantly time. The SmartLabel™ initiative outlines a business case along with an approximated guideline for costs involved.
Fortunately, the QLIKTAG Platform offers brands a powerful, highly cost-effective and extremely rapid solution to deploy and manage GMA / FMI / GS1 spec SmartLabel™ across your products with ease. The platform enables brands to upload their products and product data into the system, drag and drop a SmartLabel™ control via the mobile experience designer and then deploy hundreds or thousands of SmartLabels in a matter of minutes.

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Extremely simple to use and deploy whether you're a small brand with 5 product SKUs or a large manufacturer with 5000 product SKUs
Multiple ways to upload product details through web UI, spreadsheets or bring products in via GDSN
Easy to set up and configure your products as well as deploy SmartLabel™ with little to no technical knowledge
Pay as go SaaS pricing model based on the number of products you wish to manage within the platform
Start with a few products and add additional products incrementally. Pay only for products you have uploaded
Do more by extending the consumer experience, adding offers, marketing content, rich media while enriching product content realtime through the system