Deploy GMA SmartLabel™ the smart way with the QLIKTAG Platform

The SmartLabel™ is perhaps one of the most widely supported and promising initiatives for consumer transparency today. Initiated by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and Food Marketing Institute (FMI) along with GS1, Consulting Experts and some of the largest CPG brands in manufacturing and retail, “the SmartLabel™" has been a collaborative movement to standardize a digital label format which consumers can use to access detailed product information using their smartphones in order to build trust.

The QLIKTAG Platform offers brands and manufacturers a powerful, scalable ad highly cost-effective technology solution to deploy and manage GMA / FMI / GS1 spec SmartLabel™ across product lines with ease. The platform enables brands to upload, import or input their product attributes and product data into the system, drag and drop a SmartLabel™ control with a few steps and instantly deploy hundreds or thousands of SmartLabels, with unique digital links and QR codes in a matter of minutes.

Sounds Interesting?

Request a quick call & demo to go over your specific SmartLabel™ plans and get a tour of how the platform can help you setup and manage your own SmartLabel™.

Are you familiar with the USDA Bioengineered Food Disclosure Regulation?

On the 21st of December 2018, the USDA AMA published the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard for BE food disclosure and compliance with the Bioengineered Food Disclosure law passed by Congress in July 2016. Learn more about this regulation and how electronic labels and digital links such as the SmartLabel™ can help become part of the solution.

Bioengineered Food Disclosure Implementation Timeline

Why consider QLIKTAG to deploy SmartLabel™?

The SmartLabel™ initiative defines very detailed specifications and standards for brands & manufacturers who intend to deploy SmartLabel™ on their products all of which are highlighted at

As with any technology deployment, there are investments and costs in terms of education, resources, hardware infrastructure, software development, frequent updates and most importantly time. 
Fortunately, the QLIKTAG Platform offers a robust technology platform too help you not just setup your SmartLabel™ attributes and landing pages, but also manage them long term without additional overheads. Whether you’re looking to meet USDA Bioengineered Food Disclosure Regulation compliance through electronic or digital link disclosure, provide consumers with more detailed information that physical packaging allows or offer a richer consumer product experiences, the QLIKTAG Platform can help you get you up and started with SmartLabel™ cost effectively and fast. 
Extremely simple to use and deploy whether you're a small brand with 5 product SKUs or a large manufacturer with 5000 product SKUs
Multiple ways to upload product details through web UI, spreadsheets or bring products in via GDSN
Easy to set up and configure your products as well as deploy SmartLabel™ with little to no technical knowledge
Pay as go SaaS pricing model based on the number of products you wish to manage within the platform
Start at a lower pricing tier with as many products as you need & upgrade as you scale usage & interactions.
Do more by extending the consumer experience, adding offers, marketing content, rich media while enriching product content realtime through the system